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How we do it

Scope of work

Commercial Cleaning Services.

1.Cleaning and scrubbing of floors
2. Cleaning of windows, doors, glass panels and window sills
3. Dusting and wiping of desks, tables, furniture
4. Cleaning of electrical fittings like fans, tube lights, bulbs, switchboards etc.
6. Cleaning of shelves, cabinets, cupboards
7. Cleaning of pantry area and refrigerator & coffee machine will be cleaned externally
8. Cleaning and disinfection of toilets
9. Cleaning of meeting and conference rooms
10. Removal of cobwebs and dusting of walls

Eco-friendly Technology:

KARCHER equipment & solutions: reduced water consumption, intelligent energy efficiency, dust filtration technology, high recyclability of materials and noise pollution reduction. TASKI Diversey high performance cleaning chemical for maintenance and protection products: safety and sustainability 3M cleaning and chemicals for Car cleaning.


We use dedicated pure micro fiber, and equipment to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning and also improve indoor air quality. We use different sets of flannels for living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.


We bring our own equipment, tools, and environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and only use the best international products that are safe to use for home cleaning.